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Meet Gown Season

Stunning and undeniably sexy,  Gown Season brings modern designer fashion together with timeless elegance. Created with the belief that sensuality is always in style, every single piece in our collection has been created to compliment and celebrate feminine confidence and complexity.

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From bold colours and soft lines, to delicate lace and intricate sequin embellishments, Gown Season embodies every woman’s right to do as she pleases, and wear what she loves. While our dedication to this principle is unwavering, our collections reveal designs that are as diverse as they are remarkable.

Our Bridal series is inspired by romance and imagination, providing brides-to-be with dresses that exceed their wildest dreams. Our Evening collections feature exceptional pieces that not only reshape and redefine your body, but the boundaries of Formal and Prom wear. Our Resort Collections emanates dreamy, classic elegance and exclusive, premium design and our new Collections offers chic, high end casual pieces to the modern & unique.

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Gown Season also provides a made to order range, in an aim to reduce waste and provide unbeatable prices. These made to order styles feature flirty embellishments, delicate details and one of a kind designs that can not be found elsewhere.

All of our designs manifest poise and passion, and our flattering styles are made with the utmost care, in the finest materials without the super high price tag attached. Each piece is designed in house, at our studio and will be an unfailing favourite in your closet, as well at every event!

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